Stephanie Pieper is a contract graphic designer and creative entrepreneur. In the past 5 years, she has focused her energy and efforts to support impact-driven clientele. At the core of her design work is storytelling; using creative narration to bring all facets of a brand to life. With this approach, she helps establish best practices to build and grow a brand ecosystem. Her latest endeavors have centered around digital marketing campaigns for companies and organizations creating change within the music and film industries. Through her creative ventures, it is Stephanie's greatest intention to foster spaces of care and support within her community.


Email: sbpieper55@gmail.com
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Select Clients

Republic Records
Desert Daze
She Is The Music
I Am Sound
Versus Creative
Base Art Space
Fremont Abbey Arts Center
Electric Tea Garden
Helly Hansen
Darling Magazine
Jubilee Women’s Center
Hot Cakes
Jillian Michaels
Merle Norman


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Stephanie Pieper