Stephanie Pieper is a contract graphic designer and creative entrepreneur based in Seattle, Wa. Holding a strong belief that people have the ability to build frameworks to a reimagined world, she has focused her energy and efforts to support socially-conscious and impact-driven clients. Working one-on-one, Stephanie encourages each client to extract their own creative essence through a gentle process of compassion and intuition. She is also the founder of Lady, a local zine the supports and provides resources for female-identifying entreprenuers. Through her creative ventures, it is Stephanie's greatest intention to foster spaces of care and support within her community.


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Select Clients

Helly Hansen
Versus creative
Republic Records
She Is The Music
I Am Sound
Base Art Space
Fremont Abbey Arts Center
Jillian Michaels
Hot Cakes
Darling Magazine
Jubilee Women’s Center


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The Red Sea ︎︎

Stephanie Pieper